Nicole Sears

Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District

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Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District


Nicole is an Environmental Specialist III for the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District, a POTW serving 1.4 million customers with a discharge over 100 MGD of secondarily treated effluent (tertiary by 2023) to the Sacramento River.

During her 12 years with Regional San, she has worked as a data entry technician, pretreatment inspector for federally regulated permits, and now focuses on pollutant accounting, achieving compliance with the Cross Media Electronic Reporting Rule (CROMERR) and agency environmental sustainability. Prior to joining Regional San, I completed a BS in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology with an emphasis in Environmental Toxicology and Disease Ecology at UC Davis. I have experience in the private sector related to integrated pest management and reduced risk pesticide development for agricultural pests and medical device manufacturing.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time in my garden, doing yoga, and trying to guess the depth of the Sacramento River near my home (as compared to the closest USGS gauge).